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Food For Thought

There’s nothing dry about this soup-mix success story.

Bear Creak on iPad

The Situation

In the relatively small dry soup category, there are ramen noodles—and that’s about it. Bear Creek Country Kitchens set out to change that with the launch of its To-Go soup bowls, a product on-trend with consumers’ desire for portability and convenience, while still a hearty and healthy meal option.

Our Roles

  • Digital
  • Brand
  • Retail & Shopper
  • Social Media
  • Public Relations

A bit of comfort in a hectic day

Our solution

We needed to get current to-go soup users to include Bear Creek To-Go Bowls in their “brown bag” meal. So we identified lunchtime consumption as the number one soup occasion, and those most likely to bring soup also happened to work in hectic or stressful occupations. The insight? A home-style meal away from home can provide a bit of comfort in a hectic day.

So we created a campaign to target professional consumers where they often need a moment of comfort: the office. Workplace sampling programs, search intent optimization, ads on digital radio, and social influencers were all employed to get Bear Creek into the lunch consideration. We even leveraged local weather conditions to trigger dynamic awareness banner ads.

In an effort to engage "brown-baggers" in the workplace, we developed a digital, cross-screen website takeover for Bear Creek. Heavy on appetite appeal, these stop-motion videos targeted key consumers in the hours leading up to lunchtime.

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