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Ignite The Bite

How we helped the iconic ice pop reach new heights.

Bomb Pop Box

The Challenge

Bomb Pop has been a mainstay in American households for over 60 years. Though an iconic brand with an established reputation, it had slowed in its reach and relevance to the primary consumer: teens. We needed to reinvigorate the brand in a way that spoke to the teen audience (the primary consumer) while not alienating mom (the primary shopper).

Our Roles

  • Digital
  • Retail & Shopper
  • Social Media
  • Public Relations

Bring the brand to life!

Our solution

Bring the brand to life with a steady stream of snackable content to engage, entertain, and inspire teens in spaces where they spend their time. But in order to get their attention, we needed to create content that was cool enough for teens to share. We needed to create content that this over-sharing generation would embrace and see as an extension of their own identity. #SRSLY

So we transformed their previously product focused website into a new interactive, customizable content experience. And we did it on Tumblr. Customized user themes, a steady stream of humorous photos, quizzes, videos, memes and gifs across all social platforms, all worked to encourage teens to engage and create moments of connection with the brand. We even took it a step further and partnered with YouTube influencers (celebrities in the world of teens) and executed a brand experience at the Little League World Series—a perfect marriage of the brand’s nostalgia and its modern path forward.

Bomb Pop on a MacBook

“Bomb Pop Cam” :30 TV

With this national Bomb Pop TV spot, Blue Chip tapped into the summer mindset of tween consumers. As our stars navigate through a series of essential summer scenes, a Bomb Pop is (literally) front and center every step of the way. It reinforces the brand as an essential part of summer days well spent.

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