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Rivalry Meets Retailer

A classic crosstown rivalry creates a big win for P&G.

Football Players closest rivals cutout

The Challenge

P&G and New York football fans have one thing in common: loyalty and pride. So when Key Food, a New York area retailer, needed to generate brand awareness and drive consumers to purchase their P&G products at Key Food, it only seemed natural to capitalize on the popularity of the NFL and local excitement for the Giants vs. Jets.

Our Roles

  • Digital
  • Retail & Shopper
  • Social Media
  • Public Relations
  • Strategic Partnership

Taking the Field

Our solution

As lead agency, we utilized the popularity of the NFL and local excitement for the Giants vs. Jets match-up—which only happens one in four regular seasons—to create buzz online that drove sales in store.

We developed #TheClosestRivals—a good-humored Twitter battle between Giants Cornerback, Prince Amukamara and Jets Wide Receiver, Eric Decker. Decker and Amukamara “battled” using videos, animated gifs and cinemagraphs, which not only featured a P&G product, but also directed viewers to get their P&G products at Key Food.

Football player touching hair, heads & sholder, pantene, aussie hair products shaking

Each Twitter battle was released after each game of the NFL season and often pulled in current events so it felt real time. We also created content for the actual Giants vs Jets game that included real-time graphics and a declaration of a winner.

Following each twitter battle, Key Food released a video featuring the athletes on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In-store signage and incremental display featuring the athletes helped complete the path to purchase—a touchdown for P&G, Key Food and Blue Chip.

Football player sprays Febreze to fight odor

Get a taste of Eric & Prince’s Rivalry

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