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Who We Are

Our talents and creative energy are not simply integrated. WE ARE A UNITED AGENCY that sees purpose in UNITED THINKING™ around insights that drive active change.


Human-first. We give incredible people the opportunity to make a difference.

The Unite sign at Blue Chip headquarters.
Blue Chip has appeared on the Crain’s Fast Fifty list 5 times.
A shot of the Blue Chip lobby.
Blue Chip has over 300 employees.
A whiteboard at Blue Chip.
89% of Blue Chip employees wear the swag they receive the day after they receive it.
A second shot of the Blue Chip lobby.
An artful shot of our window.
Doug Van Andel speaking at the Blue Chip annual meeting.
Blue Chip employees having a good time.


The best collaborators in the business, united to deliver incredible growth for yours.